Death to dust!


Take no risks:

It doesn’t matter where you work — dust occurs everywhere. Construction work can produce silica dust. Exposure to silica dust is dangerous and can cause serious lung disease and, in extreme cases, even lung cancer.


The problem:

Whether on a building site, in business premises or homes, drilling, milling, grinding, sanding and sawing often create very high dust emissions. Therefore, it is important to know the danger that exists. Dust ratings are from light to middle, through to highly dangerous and classified dusts.


The danger:

Without the relevant protective measures, the smallest of dust particles are breathed in. In the worst cases, these penetrate into the lung tissue, the alveoli, where they cause severe damage — even lung cancer.


The ideal solution:

Timely avoidance of dust development and control through use of the highly efficient Starmix Dust Extractors, Zipwall Dust Barriers and PlasterX Dust Masks.


The advantage:

Starmix Dust Extractors remove dust particles directly from the zone, while the Zipwall Dust Barrier secures the work zone effectively, containing and controlling dust. P2-rated PlasterX Dust Masks also minimise the inhalation of these harmful dusts.


Don’t forget — finer is more fearsome!

The general rule is the finer the dust, the greater the health risk. Therefore, different particle sizes have different dangers:

< 10 µm: Reduces lung function

< 2 µm: Skin and eye ailments 

< 1 µm: Tumors 

< 0.1 µm: Heart and lung diseases


Stop taking risks now — protect yourself for free!

Intex Group can offer the most effective temporary dust containment systems for total dust control, protecting your health and your professional reputation.

Call us now on 0800 278 276 for a free 12 pack of P2 PlasterX Dust Masks S8822. Alternatively, email [email protected] to have these sent out.


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