Scaffolding system based on proven historic design


By Clem Thorn, Pinespan Structural Ltd


The fully-certified Scafbrac design is based on the older proven Humphries steel bracket system, a simple hanging scaffold design invented in New Zealand in 1905 by Wellington builder George Humphrey.

A successful seller around the world, the triangular scaffold hanging frame could be attached to timber and masonry structures using simple but effective methods of the day.

Simple install techniques are time proven, and most old-school builders, painters and general contractors will probably recall installing the Humphries bracket in their earlier working lives.

There wouldn’t be too many blokes in New Zealand who haven’t heard about “Humphries”, or “painter bracket”.

Portability and easy storage is important, and Scafbrac hanging frames and accessories, like the earlier Humphries wall frames, are easy to shift, transport and store. The average house lot can easily fit on a ute.


Hireage to clients

Should contractors hire or invest in their own system? When you do the numbers, it’s a no brainer investing a one-off cost in your own Scafbrac hanging frames, which can actually do far more than one job,

You have the ability to not only save hireage costs from scaffolding edge protection companies, but be in a great position to charge your clients the hireage.

When undertaking alteration work or new builds, you may be surprised how much time and cost is wasted on hireage.

Many small to medium jobs can be set up with lightweight portable scaffolding, your own workers can be used for installing, and time restraints or weather delays are not going to be a problem.

Scafbrac has been designed by builders who have 40 years in the business, and who know what is needed on house alteration jobs.

In the past, builders have always built their own scaffolding — which is still legal to do up to 5 metres from ground level.

However, in the past three to four years in New Zealand, Worksafe NZ has been established, and the introduction of tough new safety laws has created a situation whereby large commercial scaffolding companies have moved into the domestic house market. The client now gets to pay, pushing up site costs.

Would builders hire tools such as ladders or planks? No, they’d buy them. Scafbrac is a tool just like other tools builders would have in their van or shed.

So save hirage fees and buy your own tools! For more information visit


• The Scafbrac design is fully tested and compliant with AS/NZS 44994.1.2009 Temp Edge Protection, and AS/NZS 1576.1.2010 Scaffolding.

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