Trusty clamp is rock steady


Do you need a clamp you can trust to hold objects steady while you get on with the job?

Irwin’s Quick-Grip XP600 is a one-handed bar clamp which makes light work of even the hardest tasks.

Tradies will be impressed by its 272kg clamping force, despite it being a lightweight tool. It also features a patented Power Lock system to hold more pressure, for longer.

These clamps provide a solution for heavy duty, commercial jobs or for home renovations such as building a deck.

It is built specifically so that it provides enough pressure to hold objects in place without damaging your work piece.

The pistol grip and quick trigger release can be used for ease of positioning, and also allows the user’s hands to be kept free.

It’s a great option for any tradie looking to save time, money and space in a variety of work environments.

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