New anchoring adhesive changes colour as it cures


Offering complete construction solutions, Simpson Strong-Tie’s range includes connectors, fasteners, Quik Drive fastening systems, mechanical and chemical anchors, as well as repair, protect and strengthening systems.

Since 1956, Simpson Strong-Tie has become synonymous with high quality products, attributed by innovative design, full-service engineering, field support, training and product testing.

The company’s chemical anchors are formulated in its manufacturing facility in Europe to ensure total control over quality, as well as retaining the responsibility of having independent tests to comply with the many standards used globally.

The company has released a new anchoring adhesive that can help take the guesswork out of chemical anchoring cure time on-site.

Incorrect installation of chemical anchors can be a huge challenge, and having a fast cure product that performs is vital.

However, with all of the variables, for example, temperature, that affect the curing time, how do you know the adhesive is ready to load?

AT-HP Blue is a fast cure, methacrylate anchoring adhesive that changes colour from blue to grey when it is ready to load.

The colour change process gives a visual representation that the chemical anchor has cured, so there is no need to wait any longer than you need before loading the anchor.

Nor is there a need to “check” to see if it is set by wiggling the stud, only to find that you have broken the bond to the concrete or the stud.

AT-HP Blue has ETA approvals, and is available in a 280ml cartridge so that it can be used with a conventional caulking gun.

For more information, technical details or to request an on-site demonstration of the AT-HP Blue fast cure chemical anchoring adhesive, or any of the company’s innovative range of fasteners, Quik Drive fastening systems, anchors or connectors, visit or call 09 477 4440.

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