The original no sag, no slump adhesive


A wallboard adhesive that drips or slumps is a serious pain on a job, especially when applying it overhead.

Sika Nailbond SB Original doesn’t drip or slump, and these important advantages, plus its extreme strength, make it a serious go-to adhesive for New Zealand builders.

The product is fine for use in exterior or interior situations. It is suitable for most wallboards, and is also approved for use on fibrous plaster ceilings and walls.

It cures quickly, bonds strongly, and yet has sufficient flexibility to accommodate slight movement. It expands slightly when curing so works as a small gap filler too.

Sika Nailbond SB Original can be used for bonding laminex, formica, Gib plasterboard or other similar wall linings to timber, metal or most common building surfaces.

It is also used for bonding and gap filling when installing fibrous plaster walls or ceilings, and for bonding particleboard flooring to timber joists.

It’s the perfect adhesive when attaching timber to concrete in partitioning work, or where electrically heated floors preclude the use of concrete fixings.

Builders wanting a wallboard adhesive that delivers extreme strength with none of that annoying dripping or slumping can ask for Nailbond SB Original which is now available in all good building supply stores.

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