Don’t let those opportunities pass you by


It’s the land of opportunity — well they may say that about many other countries and, to be fair, they will probably say it about them before they say it about our clean, green piece of paradise.

But every land is full of opportunities when and if you look for them.

Most business owners sit back and wait for opportunities to come hopping and skipping through their door, and an opportunity or three will do that.

When it does they sit back with a big smile on their dial and think they are the gift to the business world when, actually, they’re just lucky.

The gifted ones are the ones among us who go looking for those opportunities and jump on everything that comes their way, whether it looks like a long shot or a sure thing.

The really gifted ones are the ones that never stop looking, even when they are really busy.

Is there a cost to looking? Of course there is. Mostly it’s time — time costs us money and stops us doing other work.

But look upon it as a marketing expense and actually include it in your annual cash flow forecast — and if anyone has just said “my what?” then there are many of my rambling columns you have not read. Shame on you.

For many, spending time feels easier than spending hard earned dollars, but is a commodity that is a lot harder to actually find.

So, with the best intentions in mind, they never get around to spending money or time. And the opportunity is lost, again.

I am going on about this now because this time of year is the absolute best for being an opportunity hunter.


Prospective clients are pondering future

While all other marketing gets lost in the commercial Santa parade, your prospective client base is pondering its future.

I have started working with a couple of chaps in the latter part of their careers, who are needing a complete change and a break for their future.

They are not in the construction industry, but have a product that is dear to most builder’s hearts.

Okay, that’s probably a slight stretch of the imagination, but they have a product I believe is world class.

I have done some extensive testing, but they do not have the capital to do it justice with a large-scale marketing initiative.

So they have had to become the absolute masters of opportunity hunting, and it’s paying off.

They’re going back to basics, which many businesses lose sight of in the current age of digital marketing.

They are getting into the construction sector by offering a product related to a great industry tradition — the supplier’s “builders breakfast”.

By doing that they are exposing themselves to a target market in a social setting and all it has cost them is a little bit of time and their product at cost.

I would love to say to you all that the next sausages you will be eating at your next builders breakfast will be the best you have ever tasted because they will be a “Snag Man” banger.

Time will tell how long it takes to cover the whole country. It’s small steps, and they are heading from the far north to south.

If you can’t wait then look them up (they post the product nationwide).

Smokey bacon with maple syrup — mmm, see, I told you I have done extensive research!

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