Get motivated and have a better year than last year

Terry Sage of Trades Coaching New Zealand

Right, so here’s all the usual stuff you’re told in order to brighten up your new year of business.

Update your business plan — if you don’t have one then start writing it now you “slacker”.

Do a new cashflow forecast — what do you mean, you don’t have an old one?

Make a list of goals — yes, okay last year’s one will have to do.

And there are half a dozen other really good things you should do at the start of each year. But why?

Well, it’s supposed to make you feel better, get motivated, have a better year than the last one and, generally, improve your lot, blah blah blah.

Suppose you don’t want to feel better, have just enough motivation thank you, are happy that last year was mediocre, and that “your lot” is just fine mate?

Then you’re in the mass majority of tradespeople, folks. And as the saying goes — “happy as a pig in sh..”

But are you in the majority club because you want to be there or you don’t know how to get out of it? Or are you just too damn lazy to do anything about it?

To be honest with you, if last year was okay then the easy road by a long shot is to just do it all again. It takes effort to change and, for most, change is a scary concept.

I know for certain there will be some doubters to this next point, but I stand by my words and take them from years of talking to business owners and using my degree in “Peopleology” earned from that prestigious university of life, hard knocks and bullshit.

Everybody wants something better, more, and different. A new house, a car that starts every day, a holiday with the family, a boat with an engine and no paddles, a kitchen with cupboard doors.

We want that greener grass, what the Smiths have next door, and the new toy your mate has.


Necessity, greed or just pure lust?

It doesn’t matter if these wants are born of necessity, greed or just pure lust. They are real — well, real enough in your head to make you dream of them and for them not to go away. In fact, they multiply on a regular basis.

So, the point is that the start of this year heralds the same greedy, lustful thoughts, and if you’re in the club of “same as last year thanks” then you won’t be any happier come February 2019 — and that will just be a total tragedy because you’re worth far more than that.

It’s time to relinquish your membership of the just another day club, and join the exclusive club of what’s around the next corner for me. Yeah, I know very cliche, but you get the point.

If you want to be that person who hands the keys over to your new house so the new kitchen can be installed while you drive away in the new SUV with the seven metre boat on the back and the family packed inside on your way to the new beach house, then make this year different to the same old last one.

If you’d done all the above this time last year, then way to go dudes. But don’t stop now — think up bigger and better goals.

If you are sitting there a wee bit bewildered about where to start, all you have to do is pick up the phone or push the send button, and I’ll be happy to give you a helping hand.

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