Water tank saves time space and money


Aquacomb is a modular, scalable water storage tank that utilises the space in foundation slabs in place of polystyrene blocks.

Aquacomb remains completely out of sight, does not use up land like above-ground tanks, and is quicker to install than underground tanks.

An Aquacomb system saves time and money for stormwater retention or detention, and allows an increase in usable outdoor space, a rare feature in today’s size-challenged sites.

Aquacomb is a proven system with more than 10,000 installations across Australia and New Zealand during the past 11 years.

BRANZ-appraised and Auckland Council-approved, specify Aquacomb under slabs, driveways or patios on your next development. For more information phone 0800 11 08 08 or visit www.aquacomb.co.nz.

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