Is this what you really want to do for the next 20 years?

Terry Sage of Trades Coaching New Zealand

So the holidays are now a distant memory — and the next ones feel like a decade away, so no point even entering that into the equation — which leaves us in no man’s land.

Yes, that dusky time where every day seems like the one just gone and the one coming.

Then the weather lady says it’s the hottest summer on record, but it’s still raining — oh, and by the way, the weekend will be wet.

Is it any wonder for so many business owners this can be a desperate time of year?

Added to this, we are only just clearing the bills from Christmas, and we are still so busy because the so-called building boom is still booming. You really have to wonder — is it all worth it?

Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Now don’t get carried away just yet. Yes, reach for the vodka to calm the nerves, take the pills as prescribed but leave all the sharp objects in the tool bag.

What is a desperate measure? It’s a painful one and, for some, it will be an act that is completely alien. You have to ask yourself a question — a short question, but one that may well tax the grey matter.

Now this question can come in several formats, but eventually the answer will be the same, or close anyway.

This life-changing, simple question that may hurt is, and here comes the anti-climax: “Is this really what I want to do for the next 20 years?”

Earth shattering right? So why does hardly anybody ask this question and just keep on doing what they did yesterday and will do tomorrow?

Or do they ask the question but never act on it, either through fear, lack of how to, or yeah, one day perhaps?

My point is that you’re better than settling for the same old and mundane way of life. You work hard, you’re great at what you do and there is still some ambition left. So ask that question and be 100% truthful with the answer.

If the answer is “yes, I am a tradie through and through and I want to enhance the world one job at a time” then, fantastic, the industry craves dedication such as yours.

But if the answer is no or, in most cases, actually I’m not sure what to do, then you have a difficult time ahead as you have some big decisions to make and lots more questions to answer.

The first being, “if I don’t do tradie stuff what else am I any good at?” And that’s the reason most tradies do tradie stuff until backs, knees, shoulders and brains give up on them.

Are there alternatives? Yes, of course there are, hundreds of them. But do you have the skill set to undertake them, and will they bring you the job satisfaction you need?

Oh, and don’t forget the earning potential — you have to be kept in the lifestyle you’re accustomed to, right?

There is no point me listing all the possibilities here as it will be too much to take in, but let me enlighten you to one option.

I should be embarrassed at my blatant self-marketing here, or the way I skilfully led you through the 533 words above to this life-changing space on the page — whatever — but I’m not.

And it’s because for a small number of you this option is simply that — a life changer. You need to consider a career where you give back to the industry that has provided so well for you, and to use your skills and knowledge to better that industry.

You need to become a Trades Business Coach, work half the hours you do now, and easily earn six figures.

The best bit is there is no stress, and involves more job satisfaction than handing the keys over to a new house.

Interested? Give me a call on 021 280 8679 and let’s have a chat.

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