Training gets the best out of your people


Formstress Precast Concrete has been operating in Auckland for more than 50 years. During Greg Johnston’s time at the helm, he has focused on pushing his employees to excel — in and out of the workplace.

“Being a leader is all about supporting your people to give their very best to everything they put their hand to,” he says.

For Mr Johnston, work is not a place you come just to do a job and earn money — it’s a chance to shape yourself into the person you want to become through training, mentorship and hard work and, most importantly, within a supportive environment.

“Training gets the best out of people, encouraging them to aim high.”

An example of this was when his apprentice, Will Wara, won the 2017 Concrete Industry Apprentice of the Year Award.

“Will has progressed quickly through the ranks, from apprentice to foreman, due to his attitude and enthusiasm.

“As an employer, I feed off the initiative of my people, encouraging them to challenge themselves and think outside of the box, because I believe a successful precast project will always be the result of a team approach.”

Because of his supportive nature, Mr Johnston’s employees are not just like a family to him — they are family to each other, with many of his new employees introduced to him by aunts, uncles and parents that have worked in the company previously.

“Many of my staff have been with the business for more than 10 years. If you build a great environment there’s no reason for your team to leave.”

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‘Wise words’ from a legendary employer . . .


• An effective leader knows that if you’re positive, your people will follow your lead

• Our biggest asset is our people. I have great leaders, foremen and leading hands — we solve problems as a team.

• Life-long learning makes better people. Better people make better workers.

• at the end of a tough week  I run around after our three boys. We are pretty active!


Greg Johnston, Formstress Precast Concrete


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