Flagship Cat S61 rugged smartphone launched in NZ


Cat phones has launched its flagship device, the Cat S61, in New Zealand. The S61 is the upgrade to the Cat S60, and includes enhanced FLIR thermal imaging capability, built-in laser-assisted distance measuring, and an indoor air quality sensor.

The device was purpose-built to meet the demands of people with outdoor lifestyles, whether that be for work or leisure.

It is ideal for those in architecture, engineering and construction, or anyone who enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, boating and biking.

The Cat S61 boasts an integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera with enhanced software for greater image contrast, expanded temperature range to 400° Celsius, and an upgrade from VGA to High-Definition detail from the visible camera, providing unmatched image optimisation using FLIR’s MSX technology.

These new features and enhancements help enable a new and expanded set of users where portability, connectivity and greater image quality are necessary.

Vehicle diagnostics, asphalt monitoring and higher temperature equipment monitoring are now possible with the Cat S61, in addition to the many traditional uses that include:

detecting heat loss around windows and doors,

spotting moisture and missing insulation,

identifying overheating electrical appliances and overloaded circuitry, and

seeing in complete darkness or through obscurants such as light fog or smoke.

The MyFlir application has also been upgraded on the Cat S61. New, sought-after features include live streaming of thermal imaging, on-device “Tips and Tricks”, and a “Community Forum” to help users get the most out of the S61’s thermal imaging capabilities.

It also includes an indoor air quality sensor from Sensirion to alert users to high levels of indoor air pollutants (Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs) in their working environment.

Common sources of VOCs include paints, solvents, carpets, furniture and cleaning products, all common in the environments typical to Cat phone users.

The Cat S61 will keep watch over indoor air quality levels, and inform users when an unhealthy environment is detected, allowing them to make timely decisions such as opening a window to improve ventilation, or taking a break. The sensor can also provide humidity and current temperature readings.

The Cat S61 comes with laser-assisted distance measurement which can measure point-to-point distances up to 10 metres, then calculate area. It can also switch between Metric and Imperial measurement.

All data is saved within the image so alternative measurement estimates can be taken, or adjustments made without returning to the site.

This combination of features is highly valued by Cat phones customers. Electricians, for example, can use thermal imaging to analyse a fuse box or wiring system, and the laser- assisted distance measurement to estimate how much cable is required for the job.

They can also live stream results back to base should they need further advice from a colleague.

The handset has a large 5.2in FHD screen, protected by Gorilla Glass 5 and optimised for outdoor use.

It also boasts leading rugged credentials. It is IP68 dustproof, and is waterproof up to three metres deep for one hour. It conforms to MIL Spec 810G, and it is built to survive repeated drop tests onto concrete from 1.8 metres.

All these features are important to Cat phone customers who often use their phones to read and format plans and invoices while out on the job.

“Cat’s rugged phones have been incredibly well received in New Zealand, and we are delighted to add the S61, our flagship model, to our offering in the region,” Bullitt Group chief executive officer Peter Stephens says.

“The temperature and resolution improvements found in the Cat S61 will open up thermal imaging to many more users, and its unrivalled in-built tools of the trade mean we are confident that it’ll go down a storm,” Mr Stephens says.

“We are thrilled to be delivering a rugged phone of the Cat S61’s class to New Zealanders,” PB Tech sales and marketing general manager Mark Dalton says.

“Its advanced thermal imaging capability, built-in laser-assisted distance measuring, and an indoor air quality sensor make it one of the most sought-after rugged phones on the market!”

The Cat S61 is available for $1599 online from PB Tech or Caterpillar dealership Gough throughout New Zealand.

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