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A new software package that allows you to design intelligent, residential engineering solutions for a wide range of structural elements is a “game changer” for quality engineering in New Zealand.

Specifi is New Zealand’s first and only complete online engineering software that has been developed by experienced, professional chartered New Zealand engineers, in conjunction with leading industry bodies and territorial authorities.


Intelligent and intuitive

Specifi’s intelligent and intuitive software instantly undertakes calculations to ensure the structural elements that users design meet New Zealand building codes and practices, and that all loads “go to ground” to meet regulations.

Unlike some software available, Specifi ensures the entire structural system is considered and resolved, all the while ensuring it is the best solution for any given project.

The extensive development ensures that Specifi does not “over engineer” member sizes or produce generic solutions.


Significant time savings

Architectural designer and director of CADetailer Marc Vale has been using Specifi for three months, and says it has significantly reduced the time frames for his projects.

“It’s very efficient. You can get your designs done quickly and by yourself, predominately, meaning you can get the structural elements to the clients much quicker,” Mr Vale says.

“It significantly speeds up the whole process. It’s a huge time and money saver.”

Quality Assurance processes are built in to Specifi, whereby any engineering solutions designed in Specifi are checked by a qualified structural engineer within two working days of it being submitted.

Once QA is complete, final documentation is available.

Specifi Software support/sales engineer Jared McPherson is one of the engineers behind the QA and support process, and says for clients it’s a no-brainer to sign up with Specifi.

“Clients keep telling me one of the key benefits is about saving time,” Mr McPherson says.

“Some have told me they wait up to three months for a structural engineer, but Specifi has completely revolutionised that process.

“It takes clients on average three to four projects to get up to speed with the software, and once they are familiar with the process it takes just 15 minutes to design a beam or foundations in Specifi — meaning it will not only save you time, but also money, on your residential projects.

“Plus, it costs nothing to sign up and start designing.”

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