New adhesive and sealant in one


Many builders will already be users of Sika’s MS Sealant and know what a quality product it is. Now Sika NZ has a new MS product that is an adhesive and sealant in one. Sikaflex-123 MS Bond, “MS Bond” for short, is ideal for when a strong yet flexible bond is needed.

When a pure sealant doesn’t have the required grip, and a pure adhesive might split or break the substrate if there is movement, new MS Bond is ideal.

It bonds to just about every building substrate, including some that no others can, such as bitumen, which makes it a must-have product when working on a bitumen tile roof, and PVC — so it’s ideal for bonding around plastic plumbing and cable pipes too.

MS Bond can be used either inside or outside, has excellent mechanical resistance, has very good resistance to water and weathering, and is low VOC.

Visit for the Product Data Sheet and more information.

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