Posi-STRUT discovers inner space


More and more architects are specifying MiTek Posi-STRUT for the ultimate in design versatility.

And builders are recognising the value of Posi-STRUT Floor Cassettes for reducing overall building costs.

Posi-STRUTs are a truly customised, totally engineered flooring or roofing system, combining the versatility of timber with the strength of steel.

The unique open-web design of MiTek Posi-STRUTs makes them the ideal solution for today’s buildings because they deliver a wide range of real advantages and savings to the architect, engineer and builder.

The prefabricated cassettes reduce on-site construction time and offer an immediate safe working platform. 

They are precision-built in the prefabrication plant, reducing the risks of on-site waste and theft. 

For more information visit www.mitek.co.nz.

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