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Metamark Etch Effect films from PSP Ltd simulate the appearance of mechanical or chemical etching on glass, but are typically much less costly, more practical to apply with the glass insitu, and can be later removed if needed.

UK-based Metamark is an internationally-renowned, self-adhesive materials manufacturer with a long-standing history in specialist films for glazing applications.

Etch effect films work by disrupting the view through the glazed panels or windows to which they are applied, while still admitting light to the room or space behind from the other side of the window.

To achieve this effect, the face film has one of its surfaces impressed with a micro-embossed texture or pattern.

It’s important with an etch effect film that the optical properties of the adhesive that’s used to hold the film to the window don’t impair or colour the prevailing light.

Metamark has developed a specialised adhesive that accomplishes this very effectively.

Available in a range of frosted tones, an optional MetaScape adhesive system that saves time in application, and three to seven years’ warranty on durability, it is ideal for privacy screening, corporate identity and window glazing projects.

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