Effective investment for a healthier home


Steamed mirrors, condensation on walls and ceilings, slippery floors and mould are year-round annoying home issues caused by shower steam, which can add significant costs to house upkeep.

Not to mention that a dry warm house is also a healthy house, as damp bathrooms are the perfect place for fungus and bacteria to grow, causing serious health problems.

Showerdome solves all these problems, controlling steam, reducing condensation and making the house healthier and warmer.

A Showerdome shower top consists of a clear acrylic dome that prevents steam from forming when fitted on top of an existing shower box. With no ongoing costs, it is one of the most effective investments one can make for a home or rental property.

Showerdome also makes mirror demisters and extractor fans redundant, and could save the average household around $250 in energy costs alone.

To learn more, visit www.showerdome.co.nz.

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