Basins get a makeover!


The bathroom has become the latest space to benefit from a fresh kind of craftsmanship — an area where art and artisanal skills come to the fore.

Kohler embraced the look many years ago with the introduction of its Artist Editions collection.

In the current market there are five designs that are proving popular — two of which are made from spun glass.

Briolette is a faceted glass vessel basin inspired by the precisely cut surfaces of precious stone. The Kallos Spun Glass basin is an under-counter model whose distinctive architectural patterning is reminiscent of fine crystal.

The newly-released Dutchmaster Blush Floral and Midnight Floral vessel basins are a visual splendour with their big, bold, lush florals on a deeply dark, moody background.

Kohler’s Derring Wading Pool self-rimming basin is a true stand-out in terms of hand-made textural beauty that is a stunning partner with timber and stone finishes.

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