Back In Time


20 years ago — September 1999:

Hilton International signed a 15-year contract to manage the 167-room hotel under construction on Auckland’s Princes Wharf. Under a separate agreement, Hilton was also to manage up to 65 serviced apartments on the wharf over a 10-year period.

The new hotel was the focal point of the $200 million redevelopment of the wharf by Kitchener Group. A feature of the hotel was the swimming pool suspended between the hotel and Shed 24, the directly-adjacent facing apartment block across the wharf.

15 years ago — September 2004:

A new Registered Master Builders Federation product — BuildersCV — was launched to help those builders who wanted to become licensed, and to build and maintain a professional CV in preparation for builder licensing.

A confidential on-line programme created an accurate and professional CV that alerted users to relevant training courses, and sent out automated prompts to update work history.

The product was launched in association with the RMBF’s intensive nationwide builder licensing roadshow. Being signed up to it meant that when building practitioner licensing was to be introduced, those with the product would already have gathered 90% of the anticipated information required to gain a licence, and their work history would be current.

10 years ago — September 2009:

The Government made a number of announcements that had the potential to significantly change the landscape in the residential construction sector.

The terms of reference for a review of the Building Act covered:

• removing building regulation that added cost but was of little benefit,
• streamlining building consent requirements to reflect risk and complexity, including reducing the amount of work requiring a consent,
• improving the allocation of risk and liability across parties in the construction sector,
• providing consumers with more information about their rights and responsibilities, and improved dispute resolution mechanisms, and
• how the use of smart technology could improve consenting processes.

5 years ago — September 2014:

The organisers of Canterbury buildnz designex said they were inundated with positive feedback from more than 2300 architects, designers, specifiers, builders and related trade attendees, and 153 exhibiting companies over the three days.

The launch into Christchurch had strong media interest, with TV3 First Line, CTV News and The Press all covering the event.

With around $50 billion in rebuild activity required in Christchurch, event organisers XPO said Canterbury buildnz designex was a platform well timed for the industry to research and order innovative products and services.

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