New fitting system for door hardware combines strength and speed


Windsor Architectural Hardware has launched a new fitting system for its door hardware ranges.

The New Zealand-designed and patented system, rapidFIT, has been designed to create a faster installation process, and adds strength to the handle on the door.

The system uses one simple 48mm cropping hole in the side of the door in place of the three separate holes previously required.

These are supplied mostly preassembled in the packaging. One half of the handle set has the rapidFIT boss and spindle attached, leaving just two screws to be fitted through the opposite side into the rapidFIT boss to secure the second handle in place.

The system is designed to hug the latch mechanism securely inside the door, reducing the chance of any movement of the rose over time.

Once the latch and striker plate are installed, rapidFIT can be installed in under one minute.

This system can save installers an average of five minutes per door, and at least half an hour per house lot.

Bennett Doors managing director Craig Bennett comments: “any time we can reduce on jobs is great, so this increase in efficiency has been well received by our business.”

When developing this system, Windsor says it had builders and the DIY handyman in front of mind.

“The goal was simple — make a fitting system that’s easy to use and fast to install,” Windsor new product development coordinator Vanessa Mellin says.

This ease of use has followed through to the new packaging using a custom tray made from recycled paper to house the hardware.

This is part of Windsor’s movement to create more environmentally-friendly packaging by reducing the amount of plastic their products are packaged in, and using recycled materials where possible.

“This has simultaneously created packaging that is stronger, and better protects the hardware in transport,” Ms Mellin says.

“The tray is more functional for the installer on site, and makes it quicker to remove the hardware.”

The rapidFIT system has been included with all passage and privacy handle sets in Windsor’s popular Futura and Galaxy ranges, available in most hardware merchant stores nationwide from October 21.

“Continuous improvement and our products being made to last has always been part of our ethos at Windsor,” according to Windsor managing director Peter Hickmott.

“Whilst it’s great to bring new products to market, we are proud of the style and quality of our core ranges. The rapidFIT system has produced an innovative functional improvement to those,” he says.

For more information, and to find an installation guide for the company’s handle sets with the new rapidFIT system, visit

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