Karcher extractors designed with builders in mind


Many forms of construction dust can be a health hazard. Whilst hazardous construction dusts such as silica are incredibly harmful and potentially life threatening, exposure is preventable.

The common goal is to avoid the formation of dust before it becomes airborne. Karcher’s powerful safety dust extractor vacuums connected directly to dust generating power tools, or used in conjunction with suitable accessories, offer the ideal solution.

Karcher’s Dust Extractor TE models are designed with the builder in mind. Features include:

Fully automatic sensor control filter for high suction power at all times,

Complete anti-static 4m hose system when dealing with fine dusts,

Power tool socket, for auto start/stop of power tool and dust extractor,

Audible low airflow alarm to protect the operator should air flow reduce,

A suction hose adaptor that fits the majority of major power tool brands, and

Versatility — it can extract dry and wet matter.

For more info, visit www.karcher.co.nz.

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