OSM partnership delivers new family home in 10 weeks


Concision off-site manufacturing (OSM), in partnership with Versatile Pukekohe, has completed a brand new four-bedroom, two-bathroom family home in just 10 weeks.

The home’s 43 panels were manufactured in Concision’s Rolleston factory in just two days. They were then delivered to site and installed in a single day.

Concision chief executive Kerry Edwards says the build is a great example of the speed and affordability Concision off-site manufacturing can bring to New Zealand’s home building sector.

“We can deliver high quality yet affordable homes in extremely short time frames,” Edwards says.

“In general, we can turn around the panels for a standard 150sq m home in about four hours, and have capacity to build 1000 homes a year.

“Through this sort of innovative collaboration we can really help to increase New Zealand’s housing supply.”

Versatile Pukekohe owner-operator Wenny Lubbers says the build is the first of its kind in the Franklin area, and the start of an exciting way to get more Kiwis into their own homes.

“With current capacity, and using OSM technology, Versatile Pukekohe can build up to four homes a month,” Lubbers says.

He says the project has also proven that modern pre-fabrication and speed do equal quality.

“Any perception that this type of build does not equate to good quality couldn’t be further from the truth.

“This home has lots of extra features, including a ventilation system, a sound system, a Louvretech verandah, and extra insulation. The owners are over the moon.

“We handed over the keys in mid-December 2020 — it was an awesome feeling to give this family their dream home in time for Christmas.”

Concision and Versatile are part of the Spanbild Group, which also includes Portabuild, TotalSpan and Ideal.

Concision also manufactures components for schools, classrooms, social housing and bathroom pods at its factories in Rolleston and Matamata, delivering them all around New Zealand.

More information is available at concision.co.nz.

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