Comprehensive warranty one of the best in the market


With a wide range of alternatives to choose from, choosing the right insulation material can be a hard one.

Bradford Insulation is a supplier of insulation, acoustic control and energy saving products for homes and commercial buildings in New Zealand.

Bradford products perform to a high standard, backed by an extensive warranty, and are also proven to be allergy-friendly, and safe and easy to install.

Bradford is also a Sensitive Choice partner, meaning Bradford Gold and Optimo insulation products have been rigorously reviewed by a panel of medical and industry experts.

They’ve verified that these products have met all relevant standards and criteria to be identified as offering a potential benefit for people with asthma and allergies.

To further ensure the safety of its products, CSR Bradford Insulation is formulated with what is known as “bio-soluble fibres”. Insulation fibres are now less bio-persistent than the dust we breathe in every day walking down the street, and are not considered to pose any risk to health. 

The industry standard to claim a “lifetime warranty” is 50 years. However, Bradford  says it provides the most comprehensive warranty in the marketplace, with a 70-year cover on the performance of its products.

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