Framing hammer engineered lighter and stronger


Estwing’s no batteries, cords or fuel cells-required Ultra Series Solid Steel Hammers are engineered lighter and stronger.

The sleek new profile makes them lighter and more aerodynamic. Estwing hammers are forged in one piece out of fine tool steel for long life and dependability — devoid of any welds or joints that can fail.

These hammers also feature the company’s world-famous and patented Shock Reduction Grip — a sure-fire durable and reliable grip put on any striking tool.

These hammers will work as long and hard as their user. They are lightweight and able to be carried on your favourite apron all day long with no discomfort.

Applications include:


truss building,



panelised construction,



pallet and crate assembly,


demolition, and

nail pulling.

Features include:

Forged one-piece tool steel body.

Claws for pulling nails.

Side nail puller for hard-to-reach areas.

Patented Shock Reduction Grip.

Magnetic nail starter in head.

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