LBP scheme to be ‘strengthened’


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has announced changes to the Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) scheme to improve accountability, efficiency and fairness.

“We are strengthening our occupational regulation of Licensed Building Practitioners so that New Zealanders can remain confident in LBPs and their work,” MBIE building policy manager Amy Moorhead says.

The Government has agreed to strengthen the LBP scheme to introduce a code of ethics, improve the structure of the complaints and discipline model to introduce independent investigators, and enhance the efficiency of the licensing administration process, such as including a grace period for late licensing renewals.

“The changes will help the MBIE and the Building Practitioners Board ensure that LBPs are trained, skilled and accountable,” Moorhead says.

Building law reforms

The review of the scheme is part of a series of building law reforms to lift the efficiency and quality of building work in New Zealand.

The reforms will see a more efficient building system, a lift in the quality of building work, and fairer outcomes if things go wrong.

Changes to the LBP scheme are part of a second phase of reforms which aim to lift the performance of building professionals and tradespeople, and hold accountable those who do not meet the standards that are being set for them.

The MBIE will develop the code of ethics for Cabinet to consider in the coming months. Licensed Building Practitioners will have time before the launch of the code of ethics to understand what it will mean for them.

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