Seven reasons to choose tiles


Choosing the right roof material is one of the most important decisions home owners will make when undertaking a new build or renovation.

The roof generally makes up 30% of the surface of a home. First impressions definitely count and can add significant value to a home, so it’s important to get it right.

Genuinely made for Kiwi conditions and proven to stand the test of time, tiles are the ideal product when it comes to handling New Zealand’s tough climate.

So why roof tiles are a great choice?

• Tiles can create the right look for any home, whatever the style

Tiles come in a wide range of colours and profiles, so you can tailor the look you want for your home.

Designing a home starts with a unique look and style in mind, so whether it is the classic Hamptons style, a more modern streamlined look or a Mediterranean style, tiles can blend in seamlessly with the exterior design.

There is a wide range of different materials to choose from, such as the classic good looks in terracotta, or the contemporary streamlined look of a Horizon Tile.

Monier’s wide range of designer products are the perfect addition to enhance a home’s aesthetic.

• Tiles are best suited for New Zealand conditions

New Zealand’s harsh weather and extreme climate changes can be tough on roofing materials. Tiles don’t rust or corrode, and terracotta tiles won’t fade over time. They’re a perfect solution for New Zealand’s coastline environment.

• Colour lasts longer on tiles

Thanks to its manufacturing process in which the colour is baked in at extremely high heat ensuring it never fades, Terracotta colour is forever.

Additionally, Monier concrete tiles offer a choice of colour technologies to retain the look, beauty and re-sale value of the home.

• Tiles are resilient — concrete tiles get stronger with age

Contrary to popular belief, tiles will not crack if you walk on them in the correct place. Research has also shown that concrete tiles actually get stronger with age.

And in the case of cracked tiles, the individual tile can be replaced, versus a whole sheet of damaged metal.

• Tiles are resistant to high winds

The durability and strength of tiles means they perform better in extreme wind conditions, as wind uplift forces are significantly lower in tiled roofs.

• Tiles can be used on low-pitched roofs

A number of products in Monier’s suite of roofing solutions are suitable for lower-pitched roofs. When installed correctly with the right roofing underlay, concrete tiles can reach a pitch of just 15°.

• Monier tiles come with warranties you can trust

Monier terracotta roof tiles come with a 50-year performance and colour guarantee, while concrete roof tiles come with a 50-year performance guarantee.

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