The Smooth Operator


The latest exciting addition to Marley’s Drainflo range is called Drainflo Smooth. Manufactured for the optimal combination of strength, durability, flow and drainage, the Drainflo Smooth range features refined double-walled, smooth inner linings for outstanding water flow rates, and is available punched (for drainage) or unpunched (for fluid transmission).

They’re also also available with a pre-applied Cirtex filter sock for an extra level of filtration. SN6 (blue stripe) and SN10 (red stripe) stiffness rating options are available.

Other features include:


Extensive range, providing choice of diameter, length, stiffness and filtration to suit the application.


Proven reliability with more than 60 years in the New Zealand market, consistent quality management verified by ISO 9001 certification and IANZ-accredited laboratory.


Independently verified by Bureau Veritas to meet SN6 and SN10 stiffness rating, options available to meet NZTA F/2 and F/5 specifications.


The Drainflo Smooth range has 50% higher flow rates, ideal for low gradient or high volume applications.


Specifically designed slot pattern maximises drainage performance whilst maintaining strength.


Custom-made Cirtex Filter Sleeve options available as a tested and proven filtration solution for protecting subsoil drains from sedimentation.


The complete Drainflo range of pipes and fittings is made in New Zealand.

100% recyclable

Drainflo HDPE material is 100% recyclable. Marley New Zealand will take back unused off-cuts for recycling, and re-process its HDPE production waste to avoid waste going to landfill.

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