Locally-sourced products proving more crucial than ever

Lockwood managing director Andrew La Grouw.

One of New Zealand’s most recognised and trusted brands, Lockwood Homes, believes one of the secrets to its longevity is its focus on local sourcing, which is providing to be more crucial than ever.

“In a world where many companies rely on global manufacturing chains to help produce their products, our capability to source our main manufacturing element — timber — has seen our business thrive,” managing director Andrew La Grouw says.

“Not only have we forged enduring relationships with local suppliers, but the advantages of local sourcing have become even more relevant during these Covid times, allowing us to increase our manufacturing capacity to meet current demand,” he says.

Keeping it local has always been important for Lockwood, which celebrated its 70th birthday last month. The nearby pine forest plantations and timber mills were the key driver for Lockwood to establish manufacturing in Rotorua.

One of New Zealand’s most iconic and innovative manufacturing success stories, family-owned Lockwood had humble beginnings, with its first home built as a fishing bach in Rotorua.

“We’ve now constructed more than 50,000 Lockwood homes and buildings around the world, and are extremely proud of our rich history,” La Grouw says.

“Today we have a team of more than 50 people at our head office in Rotorua, where the components for our homes and buildings are still manufactured to exacting standards by our team of skilled craftsmen and women.”

With its patented x-profile construction and solid wood insulated materials, Lockwood’s innovative practices have helped to forge New Zealand’s reputation as a nation of ingenious, No.8 wire go-getters that punch above their weight on the national and international stage.

“We have supplied Lockwood homes to all corners of the globe, and been involved in many interesting and challenging projects.

“But I am most proud of all the Lockwood homes that have been built in New Zealand for Kiwi families.

“High-quality housing is important to family health and well-being, and I’m proud of our tradition of setting and maintaining our own quality standards.”

La Grouw says no matter what the size or scale of the business’ achievements, the most successful component of their business has, and will always be, its people.

“We are honoured to have shared the lives of all our employees, some of which have been with us for more than 35 years.

“We’re proud to say that the average length of time our staff members stay with us is 11.5 years, compared with the national average of just four years.”

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