Austral and Monier bricks now backed by 100-year warranty

Crevole by Monier bricks, Fletchers project, Auckland. Pic: Patrick Reynolds

Construction materials have caused much consternation in New Zealand in the past few years.

But there’s a new offering that will smooth the brows of architects and their clients — a 100-year warranty on Austral and Monier bricks.

The Brickery’s Kerry Heard says the warranty will apply to all Austral and Monier bricks they distribute throughout New Zealand.

“Big respected residential home builders have already turned to brick as their clients, having seen this country’s leaky home debacle, ask for their homes to be durable and with easy maintenance,” Heard says.

Historic homes and commercial and industrial buildings have provided testament to the longevity of bricks for construction.

“What’s more, when old brick buildings are torn down for the construction of a new place, those bricks are still valuable, and are reused in a variety of ways,” Heard says.

“Our joint venture partners, Brickworks and CSR, are committed to achieving sustainability, and bricks will remain at the forefront of designing for a future-proofed environment.”

Ten reasons why bricks are a great cladding product:

• Bricks last forever.

• Bricks can be reused or recycled.

• Bricks are maintenance-free, and they don’t fade, rot or rust.

• Bricks are fireproof.

• Bricks are known for their outstanding durability and colourfastness.

• Bricks are a thermal battery, keeping homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

• Brick homes are more energy efficient than those constructed with lightweight materials.

• Bricks have excellent sound- reducing qualities.

•  Bricks are the natural healthy choice as they breathe and allow moisture to escape.

• Bricks emit no Volatile Organic Compounds.

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