April 2011 Issue


Quarter acre dream all but over for Aucklanders

Auckland will face a large scale housing crisis within the next 15 years, according to a leading property analyst. Lisa Phillips, a director of Auckland-based […]

Tenants taking up residence in new Britomart buildings

The three newest buildings in the Britomart precinct are now complete and their occupants, including commercial anchor tenants and ground-floor retail tenants, have begun moving […]

New Zealand wood processors could miss out on Japan rebuild opportunity

New Zealand wood processors run the risk of missing out on the massive amounts of processed wood likely to be required for Japan’s rebuilding, according […]

Simplified system now in place for structural timber framing

A simpler system for structural timber framing which protects timber against decay and is time and cost effective has come into effect this month. This […]

$25m cement project underway in the Waitomo region

The Perry Group has confirmed its ambition of supplying a competitive cement option to the New Zealand market by announcing the continuation of the construction […]

Pre-1992 buildings are not ‘modern’, earthquake engineers say

Buildings constructed before the New Zealand Building Act 1991 and consequential Building Regulations 1992, including the Loadings Code of Practice NZS 4203: 1992, should not […]

New director for Jennian Homes

Former Carters chief executive Stuart Munro is buying into Registered Master Builders Federation company Jennian Homes. This is a progressive buy-in, with Mr Munro expected […]

Skills maintenance points to remain very accessible

Once you become a Licensed Building Practitioner and you have gained recognition of your expertise, you will be able to undertake restricted building work when […]

Green Property Summit heralds next frontier for commercial property

Around 200 construction industry specialists gathered at the third Green Property Summit in Auckland last month to hear about market-leading green property initiatives from New […]

‘Plyscrapers’ could become popular

Plyscrapers — high-rise wooden office towers — could become more popular after the Christchurch earthquake. Property Council chief executive Connal Townsend has returned from the […]

Project manager plays Russian roulette with council and wins

Leaky building claims often head down a well trodden track. Proceedings are issued in the courts or the Tribunal, interlocutory steps are disposed of, and […]

Auckland’s aging coathanger

When I first came to Auckland some 50 years back, the only way to take a vehicle to the North Shore was to trundle the […]

Squaring up our workforce

Will you be ready for the skills shortage? Many within the construction industry will have heard about the skills shortage threatening the future growth of […]

Sandstone slopes present engineers with bridge design opportunity

Between Napier and Wairoa, State Highway 2 used to wind and twist its way through the Matahorua Gorge. On average, about 4000 vehicles a day […]

Opportunity of a lifetime

Hundreds of Christchurch residents urgently need new homes following the city’s devastating earthquake in February. As planning gets underway for one of the most ambitious […]

Skilled carpentry apprentices needed now more than ever

The skills and leadership qualities of entrants in the Registered Master Builders 2011 Apprentice of the Year, in association with Carters, will be critical to […]

Win provides marketing boost

TH Barnes & Co Ltd chief executive John Smithies says his company’s profile has visibly improved since it won a Gold Reserve and the Health […]

Platinum Award proves Mainzeal’s consistent high quality

New business and marketing manager at Mainzeal Property & Construction Ltd, Penny Kerr, says the awards give the company an opportunity to benchmark their projects […]

Don’t sweat the small stuff

I have found it a good time to pull out one of my favourite books written by Richard Carlson, PHD. It is titled Don’t Sweat […]

Liabilities of LBPs

The Act will require that the owner names the Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) doing any restricted building work (RBW), and the LBP will be required […]

Do the numbers

The construction sector has been in the doldrums for the past few years. We have been struggling for work and things are generally getting worse. […]