July 2008 Issue


Industry has a role to protect ESOL workers

The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, due for implementation on 1 October this year, makes it easier for skilled Chinese nationals to work in […]

‘Long stop’ provisions: Making sense of the 10-year limitation period in leaky building claims

The very recent Auckland High Court decision of Kells and Kells v Auckland City Council & Others (CIV-2008-404-1812) had to consider whether the Weathertight Homes […]

Future-Proof Building — the consumer story

Future-Proof Building is designed to educate consumers about how to create a better end result in their building project. Over the next few months Building […]

Web site to become a one-stop shop for information on wood

Wood used to be the timber of choice for New Zealand’s homes. But in recent years there has been something of a move away from […]

Safety plan includes one-on-one safety advisor support

Identifying a safety system that works for you is not always easy. Businesses have individual needs so it’s fair to say that one system does […]

Paralysed former builder backing scaffold safety campaign

A former builder’s labourer who became a tetraplegic after falling from a building site is helping promote a Department of Labour scaffold safety campaign in […]

Leaky buildings and legal battles: Is statutory insurance the answer?

Leaky buildings have been in the news for years now. The options for consumers generally remain litigation, arbitration (or mediation) or the Weathertight Homes Tribunal. […]

Training beats caning

In the past, various well-tried sayings and proverbs moulded and reflected the character, attitude and work ethic of those in the construction industry. These sayings […]

Client involvement — the key to satisfaction

The clients of this Urbo Homes property hit the jackpot with their Whangarei family home, which has all the benefits of living close to town […]

Design Construction delivers excellence

A seamless marriage of durability and style made this home, designed by Michael Idiens and built by Design Construction, the national award winner for New […]

Wellington show home a first for energy efficiency

A new Wellington show home has proven its high level of energy efficiency by achieving a 7-star Home Energy Rating — the first home in […]

Wellington registered master builders ‘enjoy’ solstice swim

Wellington Registered Master Builders leapt off Seatoun Wharf to mark the shortest day of the year recently and to raise money for the Wellington Free […]

More important to reinforce credibility

During June I attended both the Southern Region and Tauranga RMBA House of the Year and Commercial Project Awards events. Clearly our members are using […]

The role of the RMBF as an industry Association

I thought I would focus my second-to-last Chief’s Chat on the role of the RMBF as an industry Association, both generally and more specifically. I […]