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Yay for the holidays!

Yay! The holidays are nearly here — along with sun, families, parties, Christmas, fishing blah blah blah and humbug!! Why is it all so “*#$!%!...

The importance of real time financial reports

The word “financials” is a word that covers a multitude of sins normally associated with money and, in most cases, is left up to...

Marketing — the how, what, where and who

Marketing — it’s a word that comes up in conversation when a new client comes on board, normally within the first two sentences. Why?...

Your staff- asset or liability?

Cast your mind back to when you first started in the construction industry. For most of us we were the apprentice, or maybe just...

Planning essential for business success

There are certain words in business that, when they are spoken or, in many cases mumbled, behind a quivering hand, make the chin drop...

Paperwork — don’t hide it in a file!

Welcome to what I hope will be an ongoing feature in Building Today. Why do I hope it will be ongoing? Well, it’s good for...