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Working with timber weatherboards

In Building Today June 2015, Mike Fox expressed concern at what he saw as a problem with “shrinking timber weatherboards”, and at the failure of wood...

New ways to reduce housing costs must be found

New ways must be found to reduce constrcution costs in New Zealand after a recent survey of housing affordability across 22 markets found this...

19/12/2008 – New guidance to help with building consent amendments

A Building Amendment Bill was introduced into Parliament earlier this year as one of the initiatives to help streamline the building consenting and approval...

Tradesmen need to be taught ‘whole process’ of building

In Part 2 of his article, Mike Anticich, marketing manager of Flashman Flashing Systems Ltd, is convinced that education is the only practical means...

Challenges ahead says Canadian energy efficiency expert

Canada 20 years ahead of New Zealand in terms of building energy efficient homes New Zealand homes need improved levels of insulation and...