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Construction lender launched for builders and developers

An increasing number of builders are launching residential development projects as councils make more land available to address New Zealand’s housing crisis. Waikato-based Omega Capital...

Short on staff, short on skills, short on time!

The construction industry isn’t alone in issues such as staff and skills shortages. An issue faced by all businesses is trying to get more...

Accounts Payable: Being aware could save tens of thousands of dollars

This article outlines ways to improve your cashflow and profit by carefully looking at your Accounts Payable actions.   How to use your Accounts...

Debt recovery can make or break a business

How well you carry out debt collection can make or break your business. Every business has different methods and issues, so here are some...

Why profitable businesses go bust!

If a business is selling plenty of products or services and buying labour and parts at the right price how is it possible for...

GST due date changes

Legislation was passed by Parliament in April 2006 to improve the frequency and timing of provisional tax and GST payments. If you file...