Why you should be Registered Master proud to be a Builder


The Registered Master Builders Federation is a pre-eminent quality brand organisation, and everything we do as professional builders relates to delivering a quality project and experience for our clients. 

Reinforcing this commitment to quality is a long and distinguished history of industry leadership and innovation spanning some 113 years. The following is a snapshot of what makes the RMBF unique and the true industry leader. 

1 Our members construct 65% of all construction by value complied in New Zealand — some $7 billion dollars of work in the past 12 months Betterment of the industry. 

2 There are 22 local associations throughout New Zealand, each with its own unique identity but working in unison for the betterment of the industry. The strength of these local Associations is the lifeblood of our organisation. 

3 Rigorous membership criteria based on a mixture of qualifi cations, proven industry ability and sound business and personal ethics, all of which go towards helping ensure that quality members are attracted to, and remain with, the RMBF. Prospective members that show potential but may not yet fully meet the stipulated criteria may be offered provisional membership and support through to full membership. 

4 Our membership is very diverse, and includes full industry representation from one-man craftsman builders to the major construction companies. Our members employ in excess of 15,000 skilled and qualifi ed construction workers.

5 The “MB” brand is a distinctive quality brand for the construction industry, and we are proud to be members of the RMBF and proud to wear the badge. It is our job to ensure we continue to reinforce that quality stamp “inwards” to our membership and outwards to our stakeholders and the general public. 

6 The House of the Year and Commercial Awards, now in its 13th year, is a world-class event. The bar gets raised every year, with the craftsmanship on show truly breathtaking. Oscars of the building industry With constructive feedback from entrants now fi rmly on the radar we can only expect the quality to move to the next level. The passion, humility, consistency and all-round skill shown by the entrants and award winners is inspiring and, rightly so I must say, the awards are likened to the Oscars of the building industry. The events around the country are sell-outs, with the National Final attracting nearly 900 guests which reads like the “Who’s Who” of the construction and business world. 

7 In search of excellence we have developed a complementary suite of awards that not only recognise good construction but business skills as well. 

They include: 

• Registered Master Builder of the Year Residential, 

• Registered Master Builder of the Year Commercial, and 

• Apprentice of the Year. Watch this space for further enhancements this year. 

8 The Master Build guarantee programme has been operating successfully for 14 years, offering third party support and protection for far longer than any other similar scheme in the country. What other professional organisation actually has the faith to guarantee its members’ work to the extent we do? It’s another testament to the quality of our membership and the product we produce. 

9 Probably little known and certainly taken for granted are the major industry achievements that have been, and continue to be put in place by the RMBF. BRANZ, the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO), Site Safe and Masterspec are all organisations that owe their existence, in some shape or form, to the work of, and support from, the RMBF. 

10 The RMBF is the reasoned voice of the industry, working tirelessly and professionally on matters that affect the industry. Important matters such as the Building Act, builder licensing, standards, contract documents, legislation and member education — to name just a few — are all subjects that not only benefi t our members but the general construction sector. 

11 Finally, the comradeship and ability to mix and share issues with your peers in the industry is, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Registered Master Builder. Having like-minded professional builders that are prepared to help each other with professional development or construction issues is invaluable. 

We all face the same issues — it is only a matter of timing as to when they hit — and being able to use the experience of others is very reassuring. Quality Club I have only scratched the surface of why the majority of our country’s leading builders belong to the “Quality Club” which is the RMBF.To those builders that are members, thank you sincerely for making our organisation what it is today and for striving to improve year by year. 

And to those good builders out there that are not yet members, then I extend a genuine invitation to you to become involved in the pre-eminent organisation representing the construction industry

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