The ‘sleeping giant’ has awoken with unstoppable momentum


There are defi ning times in the life of any organisation and the RMBF has just experienced one. 2005 will be remembered as the year that we, as the industry leader, took stock, focused, formulated a plan, stepped up to the mark and never looked back. 

I will share with you the series of events that have set the RMBF on this journey of vision, excellence and growth, and how these events will launch our organisation beyond all expectations while providing outstanding industry leadership. 

Sensible consolidation Since the late 1990s the RMBF has had a period of sensible consolidation and rebuilding. In early 2005 the directors of the RMBF made the decision that the time was right to do some careful soul searching, to map out what our organisation was about and clarify where it needed to head.

After two uninterrupted days of brainstorming we emerged with a clear vision of our future and a plan of how to achieve it. 

Within five years look for the following from the RMBF: 

• Quality RMBF members will lift their share of the market from the current 65% to 80% by value of construction, 

• The RMBF will set, construct and help develop best industry practice standards, 

• The RMBF will further strengthen its reputation as a quality brand in the eyes of the public and its members, and 

• The RMBF will offer outstanding service to its members through leadership, networks, camaraderie, a sense of security and access to information and resources. These two days of planning and the formation of the steps we need to take to achieve our aims have harnessed the significant skills and resources of our organisation — through the Board, our local associations, our members and our staff — to all head in the same direction. 

The resulting groundswell of support for this vision has become infectious as individual members and local associations work together on common goals. Under the guidance and drive of our new chief executive Pieter Burghout, the first of these strategic plans is in place. 

The RMBF’s 2006 Strategy and Business Plan sets out clear intentions as to the way the RMBF communicates its message and delivers its range of membership services. Specialist staff have been appointed at the national office of the Federation, and they have been given the responsibility of enhancing the way we interact with, and the services we provide to, members, stakeholders and those we influence. 

Every aspect of our organisation is currently under scrutiny — including our guarantee company, Master Build Services Ltd — as we strive to improve our performance and provide the service that our members and clients expect. Mark my words, with our vision and with the Board members and staff that we now have in place, our organisation is on an unstoppable course for excellence.

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