Change, change and more change — but it’s all good!


This will be my last article as president, written before heading to the RMBF’s conference in Queenstown, which will be my final official duty. 

If there was one phrase that could encapsulate 2005 it would have to be change, change and more change. We have been through a period of unprecedented change, not only within our own organisation but also within the industry itself. 

We have been literally running to, first, understand the potential impact of the changes, second, to influence the outcome so it best suits our members and the industry and, third, how we educate and implement the changes in a sustainable way. 

Our view is we have one chance of getting it right as this will shape the industry for the next 20 years. Going forward, it is certainly going to be a period where the smart get stronger as those that do not wish to embrace the changes will either exit the industry or work for those that are prepared to adapt. 

I believe we are entering a period of unprecedented opportunity for professional builders to really show and develop their worth and skills. The unqualified opportunists who have plagued our industry for decades will no longer have free reign to enter and exit the industry for a quick buck. 

This will protect the consumer and those professionals in the industry alike. 2005 was a defining year for Registered Master Builders. After a period of sensible consolidation and rebuilding under previous chief executive Chris Preston, the board set clear objectives for the next five years. 

Let me share their objectives with you as, under the guidance and drive of new chief executive Pieter Burghout, we are well on the way to making these all a reality. 

Within five years look for the following from the RMBF: 

• Quality RMBF members will lift their share of the market from the current 67% to 80% by value of construction. 

• The RMBF will set, construct and help develop best industry practice standards. 

• The RMBF will further strengthen its reputation as a quality brand in the eyes of the public and its members. 

• The RMBF will offer outstanding service to its members through leadership, networks, camaraderie, a sense of security and access to information and resources. Our organisation is in great heart with a solid foundation, outstanding staff, leaders and members that will cement our position as the industry leaders out into the future. In conclusion, I would like to thank my fellow board members, the RMBF staff and the many hundreds of members I have met during the year, for their support and help. 

It has been an honour, and an extremely rewarding experience to lead Registered Master Builders through such exciting times.

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