Leaky homes package contains ‘good news’


Moves by the Government to speed up the resolution of disputes under the Weathertight Homes Resolution Service have been welcomed by the Construction Industry Council (CIC). CIC chairman John Pfahlert says recognition that the system is too slow and that a streamlined service is needed is good news. 

“While an eight-month objective for resolution by mediation will be too long for some home owners, the reality is that it is a big improvement on the average 14- month period that has become the norm,” Mr Pfahlert says. 

“The inclusion in the claims process of scope for claims covering probable, as well as actual, weathertightness-related damage, and the manner in which these are treated, may save claimants a good deal of money. “The financial assistance scheme, even though at market rates, will be a help, especially as it is linked to loan guarantees for a period.” 

Mr Pfahlert says provision for an adjudicator to take a more investigative approach towards the situation should also be useful, as would introduction of a class action approach to body corporates taking action on behalf of multi-unit claimants.

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