The new Dimond Christchurch


Big changes have been happening for Dimond’s Christchurch branch recently. The roofing, cladding and structural products manufacturer has opened a new 4500 sq m site in the Christchurch suburb of Hornby. The new premises offer a real advantage to the busy roofing installer, builder or renovator.

Located at 89 Buchanans Road, Dimond’s latest site brings a new level of efficiency for staff and customers, with a streamlined drive-through system that allows ease of access and product selection, all within the shortest possible time. It also allows Dimond the space for future expansion.

The new facility showcases many of Dimond’s products, including Dimondek 630, which is a concealed fixed roofing system, meaning no fixings pierce the roof, eliminating the chance of leakage due to incorrectly installed screws.

Dimondek 630 can also be produced on site, allowing architects the freedom to design buildings with roof sheets up to 100 metres in length.
Dimondek 630 holds the New Zealand record for the longest roofing sheet at 65 metres, produced for the Turners and Growers Distribution facility in Christchurch. It was also used recently on the Delegat’s Wine Estate facilities in Blenheim, helping to create a stunning architectural statement.

Steelspan 900 roofing was used on the Christchurch site’s canopy roofs due to its strength and ability to span large distances, while Dimond V-Rib features as the wall cladding inside and out.

The V-Rib has been produced in Habitats Threadbow White, which is a bright, white colour that improves lighting conditions internally and provides an attractive external facade.
Further improving the internal lit environment is the use of Durolite natural lighting in the roof. Durolite sheets disperse free natural light evenly within the building, reducing the need for artificial light, lowering long-term power requirements and greatly improving working conditions.

Durolite is guaranteed to enable the transmission of natural light for 25 years while reducing glare, solar heat gain and UV radiation.
Dimond has also unveiled some innovative manufacturing technologies. Their new, automated metal folder brings the benefits of increased precision, heightened consistency and enviable speed in the production of roofing accessory products.

Innovation that results in increased productivity and consistency makes good financial sense in anyone’s book, and the new technology allows Dimond to fulfil more of its customers’ needs consistently, cost-effectively and with maximum efficiency.

The new branch was officially unveiled on April 12 when more than 150 customers, staff and suppliers attended. The event saw Fletcher Building chief executive Jonathan Ling officially open the branch after Diana Rattray of Christchurch Cathedral performed a blessing and a karakea.

It is open Monday to Friday, between 7.30am and 5pm. Customers are encouraged to visit the new showroom where trained customer service representatives will also be available to assist with any enquiries.

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