BCITO’s web-based Career Launcher takes off!


The newest power tool in the BCITO tool kit is live on the BCITO web site.


After talking to employers, careers advisors, technical teachers, parents and potential apprentices, the organisation discovered that finding the right person for the apprenticeship or the right apprenticeship for the person can be a tough ask.


Feedback from careers advisors has been that students often don’t know where to go to find an apprenticeship. Anecdotally, the BCITO says it knows a lot of apprenticeships are offered to sons or daughters of family friends, over a beer at the rugby clubrooms, or by knowing someone who knows someone.


Career Launcher has been developed to help employers and apprenticeship seekers get connected, by helping motivated job seekers find vacancies and, therefore, help employers launch someone’s career in the construction industry.


Career Launcher is live online and is hosted on the BCITO web site. The new tool is accessible to potential employers and potential apprentices via www.bcito.org.nz and the BCITO’s new site www.constructionzone.co.nz.


The tool is employer driven, and employers who advertise on the page will need to be BCITO registered and approved.



The tool will be promoted to employers in the construction industry to list their vacancies, and will encourage those who are not BCITO-registered employers to make contact and find out more about Career Launcher and taking on an apprentice.


For existing BCITO employers it will provide them with a means of connecting with potential apprentices.


Registering an apprenticeship vacancy is simple for pre-approved employers, with innovative and useful tools like a job description template and a function for employers to load photos of their most recent project or team members.


Employers need to meet certain criteria to take on an apprentice, and the BCITO team will work with those employers who are new to the BCITO system to ensure they meet the criteria.


The BCITO hopes employers, potential apprentices, careers advisors and technical teachers will bookmark the Career Launcher web page, and that the construction industry will have another means of finding keen apprentices.

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