Become a Future-Proof Builder


You should have heard a bit of talk by now about the concept of Future-Proof Building (FPB).
The easiest way to sum it up is this: it’s building a better home to live in now, that’s worth more to the owner in the future.

We are all conscious of the cost of building and maintaining a home, and want homes that are safe and healthy places for our families and our customers’ families to live in.
By incorporating the eight principles of FPB, builders and their clients can create a safer, warmer, healthier home to live in, while reducing the environmental impact by using sustainable products.

The eight principles are Energy Efficiency, Health and Safety, Life Cycle Costing, Quality Assurance, Resource Responsibility, Security and Automation, Sound Control and Space Management.

Carters have made a major commitment to the future-proofing message, and you may have noticed an FPB advert on television at the moment with Greer Robson as the presenter.
This advert is the first in an FPB series, and promotes Carters as a stockist of FPB products as well as the benefits of building and renovating using the FPB concepts.
Other FPB partners will be on television later this year with the same format.

Are you ready for the future?

Becoming a Future-Proof Builder lets you leverage off a major industry initiative, designed to educate consumers about the importance of long-term solutions when they’re building or renovating.

The general media is also promoting many of the FPB concepts as well, for example sustainability, energy efficiency and health and safety as they are growing trends.
The Future-Proof Building programme gives you the tools to educate your customers, so that they know how you can build them a better home to live in now, and one that will be worth more to them in the future.

To find out more about becoming a Future-Proof Builder, including information for your customers, call 0508 FUTURE, visit or talk to your local Carters rep.

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