Future-proof your frames and trusses


As you may be aware, the Future-Proof Building Roadshow series is working its way around the country, bought to you by Construction Marketing Services.


Carters is proud to promote these roadshows to their customers and to be involved with a stand in the partner area promoting its frame and truss solutions. So how do Carters frames and trusses build a better home to live in now, and in the future?


Energy Efficiency: As the cost of energy continues to rise, future-proofing homes is critical. Timber acts as an insulator, reducing heat transfer, so it keeps the heat in the house during winter and out of the house in summer.


Carters’ frame and truss solutions also allow for the design of an energy-efficient home. Carters designs and manufactures frame and truss solutions that provide structural support for solar water heating equipment, or use roof space to provide attic storage, or even maximise living space within the home through space management.


Quality Assurance: By using products such as Laserframe, hy90 and hyONE LVL (laminated veneer lumber), Carters ensures its frames not only meet the standards required for strength and timber treatment, but they are also kiln dried and, in the case of LVL, are an engineered wood product providing greater stability.


All frames and trusses are manufactured in accordance with the practices of New Zealand Standard NZS3604:1999 Timber Framed Buildings.


Resource Responsibility: In a world facing dwindling resources, atmospheric pollution and global warming, wood represents one of the most renewable raw materials. Forests and wood help the environment by combating climate change. They store carbon which would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.


New forests on non-forested land act as carbon sinks, and wood products and timber are themselves CO2 reservoirs. Plantation forests are also a sustainable and responsible land-use. They enhance the quality of air, soil and water compared to other land uses that produce raw materials.


Manufacturing of wood products requires much less energy than most other building materials, and this reduces the need to burn fossil fuels to supply the extra energy.


Carters’ highly skilled staff use the latest technology to deliver the best possible job. They operate a dedicated CAD-CAM computer software programme for engineering, detailing and design, and a computerised tracking process that provides daily progress reports, computerised saws, state-of-the-art nailing machines and multi-head truss presses.


Future-Proof Building is a great tool to help businesses stand out from the crowd, particularly in the current market. To learn more about Future-Proof Building and to hear from the likes of EECA and the RMBF, then go to an FPB Roadshow when it comes to your area.


Call 0508 FUTURE for more information or to RSVP for these roadshows.

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