Proud of our future


With the 2008 Apprentice of the Year in association with Carters about to kick off, I’m looking forward to attending a number of the 10 regional events where the apprentices stand up and are counted in front of their proud parents, employers and peers.


It is a significant reminder of where our industry comes from and where it will be for many decades yet.


At the Wanganui House of the Year awards, it was great to hear Jamie O’Leary extolling the virtues of Tony White (a past apprentice) as he came in and cleaned up his own Gold awards and, yes, there were a few!


Very few other industries offer their apprentices the opportunity to train from scratch and allow them to eventually go out on their own and compete against their trainer. Jamie was proud of Tony’s awards as if they were his own.


Pride is the one area that regulation or market conditions can’t take away. This is always driven home to me with the depth of mentoring available to our members, from the apprentice through to the business owner alike.


I applaud Carters, the BCITO and DBH for getting behind these awards — they are endorsing the heart of what we all do. I also wish to express my thanks to the Wellington RMBA for the original concept for this competition. Who knows how far this event and the apprentices will go to in the future?


The everyday work of the BCITO and the employers of these young lads and lasses will never be lost or forgotten. We all remember those who set us up in life, even if it was the odd trip for the right handed screwdriver or the long weight!


The apprentices themselves are the best thing about the event. How proud everyone is of them and their achievements. I am sure we will see some of their faces again on the House of the Year awards podium in a few short years.


My congratulations go to Gold Reserve winners in the Registered Master Builders 2008 House of the Year and RMB Commercial Project Awards in association with PlaceMakers (see opposite page).


It’s pleasing to see many new names among those who, year on year, rate consistently and appear at the national event regularly. Well done to those of you who have succeeded as this level of best practice is envied by many and welcomed by your clients.


To those of you who didn’t enter this year, in a few short months entries will open again and I suggest you seize the opportunity.


Just ask past winners — there is no better way to give your company that competitive edge than to market yourself with the quality mark of a winner.

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