FPB helps trade connect with customers


Future-Proof Building (FPB) has launched a new web site — www.fpb.co.nz — with the dual purpose of helping consumers manage the building process and supporting tradespeople to work smarter within their businesses through this challenging environment.

The new site, which operates like a social networking site, offers a treasure trove of information and online tools for home builders, buyers and renovators wanting to improve their homes to add value, both financially and environmentally, well into the future.
“fpb.co.nz is designed to attract people looking to create sustainable and healthy homes for them and their families. It simplifies what can become a complex building process with cumbersome plans, permits, documents and files to manage, and a number of contractors to deal with,” according to Future-Proof Building education manager Jamie Fear.

Customers can connect with tradespeople, establish and communicate with their building project teams, and share information, documents and ideas online.
The other purpose of the website is to support the construction industry.

“In New Zealand, we have moved away from a building boom to a more challenging time,” Mr Fear says.
“In order to survive and thrive, business owners need to work a lot smarter and focus their attention on core business activities. They also need to develop deeper relationships with their customers and, despite the inclination to cut back on marketing spend, make sure they are telling more potential customers about their business.”

“The web site empowers tradespeople to participate in conversations about options, provide real time advice, develop a deeper understanding of their customers’ needs and provide a level of customer experience that helps their business to stand out.”
Trade professionals can register their companies with fpb.co.nz to provide quotes to home owners, create a searchable company CV, and use advanced tools to participate online in home owner projects.

“Beyond connecting trade professionals directly with potential new customers, the site provides sales and marketing advice, and tools to help tradespeople more effectively promote their businesses,“ Mr Fear says.

By aligning their offering with the FPB principles, tradespeople also raise their own credibility and reputation for building better homes for New Zealanders.
Access to www.fpb.co.nz and all the tools and advice it offers is free to home owners, and is currently running a special early adopter trade membership until 31 August 2009 for tradespeople who are aligned with FPB merchants.

If you fit this criteria visit www.fpb.co.nz or email [email protected].

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