Company achieves Enviro-choice labelling


Initiated by the New Zealand Government, Enviro-choice is a voluntary environmental labelling programme operating to international standards and principles.
Pacific Steel says its award of the Enviro-choice label is a recognition of the actions taken by the company to reduce its environmental impacts.

The process of achieving Enviro-choice labeling is rigorous, with the recycled content of the company’s products required to be greater than 95%.
Pacific Steel was also required to demonstrate that it makes its product in an environmentally sustainable manner, and that it is proactive in reducing the environmental impacts in all operations.

This included proving that no harmful substances are released into the environment, and that the company is operating at best practice on controllable emissions.
The process of applying for labelling affirmed the progress made towards minimising environmental impacts.

From its business foundation as a manufacturer involved in recycling to the investments made to operate processes to best practice standards and the minimisation and reuse strategies designed to reduce Pacific Steel’s footprint, the company has some substantial achievements to celebrate.
With its products now carrying the Enviro-choice brand, the company’s clients are able to make use of them to contribute towards building structures to achieve a Green Star Rating.

The use of the Enviro-choice label requires high standards to be maintained. Manufacturers are audited annually to ensure compliance with all the criteria associated with Enviro-choice.
The decision to apply for Enviro-choice is also a signal of Pacific Steel’s commitment to operating to high environmental standards. This is a dynamic process that requires the company to continue to look for ways to improve its performance.

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