Cleaner, eco-friendly and efficient heating for New Zealand homes


Climate change and the dwindling supply of fossil fuels has become a pressing issue for anyone conscious of the environment.
New Zealand has a great international image of being a clean and environmentally-friendly country, and one that has the objective of becoming carbon-neutral in electrical energy by 2025.

It is now a prerequisite for New Zealand builders and architects to create property that has better insulation and is more energy efficient. This need for energy efficiency has increased the demand for economical and efficient methods of heating a property.
One of the best and least intrusive methods of heating a property is by using underfloor heating.

New Zealand supplier of radiant underfloor heating, Warmup, is at the forefront of producing environmentally-friendly heating methods, as highlighted by the recent introduction of its Future Proof Building partnership, along with the company’s pending BRANZ appraisal.
Warmup’s underfloor heating systems reflect the heat upwards, and are designed to heat the property not the earth.

The systems also allow individual “zoning” whereby room temperature can be individually adjusted to suit individuals needs, allowing the energy to be focused exactly where it is needed.
Warmup’s radiant heat technology has recently been featured on CNN’s top-rated show Open House, where they discussed the virtues of radiant heat and the fact that its global popularity is booming due to its energy efficiency and ability to incorporate the systems without detrimentally effecting the aesthetics of a property.

Warmup says it has undertaken more than 1 million installations in 33 countries worldwide, and has distributors throughout New Zealand. The company was established in New Zealand in 1994, and has helped to warm up in excess of 50,000 Kiwi homes since.

There are various options in the range, including:
• undertile heating,
• undercarpet heating,
• inslab heating, and
• Marmox insulation boards.

Warmup has installed tens of thousands of underfloor heating systems in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States.
It is New Zealand’s only company in its field to hold the “Sensitive Choice” seal of approval, which shows a commitment to improving air quality and reducing allergy triggers and asthma.

To obtain a free underfloor heating information e-booklet, email, call 0800 927 687 or visit and fill in the online form.

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