Cafe kicks off budding Hobsonville community


A unique destination, award-winning coffee and two well recognised faces in the industry are all part of the package for the first new business at Hobsonville Point.
Opened on August 22, the Catalina Cafe kicked off the growth of Auckland’s newest coastal community that will eventually see 10,000 people living and working at the former air base.

The cafe proprietors, renowned for their ongoing contribution to New Zealand’s cafe culture, are Wayne Jackson and Rachael Aitken.
The pair, who have a shared 35-year history in the industry, are passionate about creating a hub for Hobsonville Point residents and the wider community that not only provides great coffee and food, but a place to gather and socialise.

“We want to provide our customers with fresh, healthy, affordable food and create a second home for residents,” Mr Jackson says. 
“Both Rachael and I have set up and run a number of successful establishments such as The Black Dog coffee house in Matakana and the Leigh Sawmill cafe. We are excited to bring our knowledge and passion for the industry to Hobsonville Point.”

Stunning coastal walkway

Hobsonville Land Company chief executive Sean Bignell says it is the site’s amenities, beautiful landscape and recreational opportunities that will make it a popular destination for family trips.
“There’s a lot to take in here, from the Catalina Cafe to the stunning coastal walkway, and the modern new playground with custom-made artworks for kids to enjoy. It’s a great day out for the whole family,” he says. 

With a number of energy and water-efficient features such as on-site solar electric generation, solar hot water rain tanks and LED lighting, the cafe is a modern-style eatery with a contemporary design. Features include wireless access for customers via ultra-high speed broadband as part of a partnership with Vector.

The cafe is also home to a community space for public events and the Hobsonville Point Information Centre, where locals can learn more about the development features, residential opportunities, technologies and energy management systems.

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