Young Mum already a double-winning project manager


In a male-dominated construction industry in a city facing so many challenges, it’s rare to meet someone with such a sound and settled career path.
Ms Tribble’s recent win in the Highly Commended award for the Arrow International Queenstown project of St Johns Church Hall was quickly followed the same night with another Highly Commended award for the Young Achiever under 35 category.

At 27, she is the youngest winner in both categories.
She still has stars in her eyes when she talks about that night.
“The awards recognise potential and excellence. I can’t describe the feeling, it was such an amazing buzz, and I couldn’t believe it,” Ms Tribble says.

When she was 19 she saw the movie Proof of Life, starring Meg Ryan. At the beginning of the film, Ryan’s co-star Russel Crowe was depicted working as a big construction manager in China.
That was the catalyst. “I knew I wanted to do the same, and even if I didn’t have to work, I’d still want to be in construction. I simply love it,” she says.

Ms Tribble began her construction career in Auckland while still studying, and became CBD Streetscapes ambassador and project assistant for the $30 million upgrade of Auckland’s Queen Street.

After three years in that role, she was offered the job of assistant project manager for Arrow International in Queenstown. This led to the project management of the aforementioned award-winning ventures.

She now joins Arrow in Christchurch to help with the rebuilding of the city. She’ll be working on the earthquake recovery for the Methodist Church of New Zealand properties.
“It’s very exciting to be in Christchurch at this time, as we’ve so much to look forward to. I can’t wait to get building.“
Positive and passionate, Ms Tribble has brought her family to Christchurch. Eight month-old daughter Hollie is at pre-school, and her husband has his own business in the construction industry.

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