Applying for Apprenticeship Reboot Grants


From Tuesday, June 4, apprentices and their employers became eligible to apply for the Government re-boot grants.
As apprentices need to be in training for 90 days before applying, this marks 90 days from March 6 when the scheme was first introduced.

Although this is a Government (Tertiary Education Commission, or TEC) initiative, the BCITO will assist apprentices and employers to apply.
However, apprentices and employers will need to physically apply and sign the TEC application form before sending it in to the BCITO.

Here is how to proceed:

The BCITO will email apprentices and employers as they become eligible, with a copy of the TEC application form and a copy of the TEC instruction sheet which explains what they need to do.

For apprentices without an email address, the BCITO will send a text advising to visit the TEC web site to download and print the application form.

For employers without an email address, the BCITO will send the form and TEC information sheet by post.

The application form and information is available now from the TEC web site at

Both parties need to read the TEC information sheet fully to ensure you are eligible to apply.

The employer and apprentice both need to complete their section on the same application form and send it back to the BCITO. This can be sent by email (scanned), post or fax.

The BCITO then reports back to TEC once a month on who it has received an application form from.

TEC will then do their checking and pay the BCITO. This may take some time. The BCITO will then distribute the money to the apprentice and employer into the bank account nominated on the form.


Applicants who are unsuccessful will be notified by the BCITO.
Some important points to note:
• It is important that both the employer and apprentice fill in their section of the same application form. Applications from only one party will not be processed.

• Payments must go directly to the employer and apprentice into their own separate bank accounts.
Both payments cannot be made into the same account. The BCITO will also ask for a bank deposit slip or copy of a statement to confirm account numbers.

• The notification, verification and payment process runs on a monthly reporting cycle between the BCITO and TEC. It could take up to 12 weeks to receive payment, depending on when in the cycle an application is made.

If you have any questions in relation to Government Reboot Grants, please visit or call 0800 422 486.

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