Masterspec NextGen2 a platform for the future


Construction Information Ltd, the producers of the Masterspec specification system, have developed and now released to its subscribing offices the Masterspec Nextgen2 operating platform.

This is a fully cloud-based information management and sharing tool that “not only produces up-to-date and accurate specifications, but also enables the sharing of digital information between members of the design and construction team”.

The move to digital information sharing and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction industry is gaining momentum, and it has shown real benefits overseas.
A US-based HVAC contractor has used BIM information sharing to achieve a reduction in variation costs from an average of 18% to just 3%.

Universal Homes has been trialling the new NextGen2 approach and the results are already impressive.
“Previously a full specification took about half a day to create,” Universal Homes’ consent administrator says.
“However, with Masterspec NextGen2 we have that down to around an hour and a half. With more than 200 specs a year that’s a huge saving for us.
“An update manager automatically flags if there have been any changes to a specification due to new Codes or Standards, and making the change is just a single click of the mouse.”

The future of construction will require the ability to share information, and the Masterspec NextGen2 system is an important and useful step in that direction.

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