Quality Austrian machinery from Felder now available in NZ


W & R Jack Ltd has announced its representation of the Felder Group agency for New Zealand, including the Felder, Format-4 and Hammer brands. Jacks has provided woodworking machinery and service for nearly 70 years, and takes pride in its independence from machinery suppliers, allowing it to hand-pick quality machinery suited to New Zealand working conditions.

Jacks sales manager Simon Hornby — who worked at Felder in Austria, Britain and the United States for several years — explains the move to Felder.

“Felder Group has been supplying top-quality machinery around the world for more than 50 years. Like Jacks, it is a family-owned business, and from its base in Hall in Tyrol, Austria, has grown to become one of the world’s leading woodworking machinery manufacturers,” Mr Hornby says.

“What really stood out for me during my time working at Felder is the company’s philosophy to continually improve its machines and move the industry forward. “I firmly believe it is the industry leader with regards to standard classical machines. 

While other manufacturers have stood still in this area, Felder has consistently introduced unique, innovative solutions to traditional areas of weaknesses in classical machinery design. “Designed and built in Austria, the Felder Group brand represents quality machines for commercial and home-workshop woodworkers alike,” Mr Hornby says.

“The range of machines available is wide and varied. With an extensive scope for customisation available, and with three brand ranges to choose from, we believe we can offer a machine and configuration to suit the needs and budgets of New Zealand customers.”

Felder Group machinery can be seen at the Jacks showrooms in Auckland or Christchurch, while the Jacks web site at w ww.jacks.co.nz provides specifications, videos and links of Format-4, Felder and Hammer machines — alongside the rest of Jacks’ wide range of machinery.

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